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Register as a FREE User with SANUSLIFE and receive 1,000 SANUSCREDITS as a welcome gift! We support you during the first few days and show you step by step what the whole world of SANUSLIFE has to offer with great video messages from the environmental activist Magdalena Gschnitzer and our CEO Ewald Rieder.

Have fun navigating our site!

As a MAP Partner, you will be registered on our new interactive SANUSMAP APP. This is an online map service featuring several filters specially programmed by SANUSLIFE.

The idea

The idea for the map arose from the "SANUSPLANET - we ♥ nature" initiative. All products offered by SANUSLIFE in its online Shop with the SANUSPLANET label contribute to environmental protection. We have opened this new category of products with the “MY WATER BOTTLE,” our high-quality, reusable glass bottle produced respecting the environment. Learn more...


With every purchase of this high quality glass bottle, three (3) euros automatically flow into the SANUS-PLANET-POOL. The proceeds thus accumulated are used to finance selected environmental protection projects. Learn more...

Since the MY WATER BOTTLE is a reusable glass bottle, it can be repeatedly refilled with fresh water. In this way we combat waste. In this way we contribute to environmental protection. The idea of the map was born in this context.

The Map

The main purpose of the map is to display all the drinking water points in the area where the bottle’s user is located. These points can be natural sources of drinking water, but also companies that want to give users the possibility to refill their bottles. Learn more...

The companies

As an entrepreneur, you are given the opportunity to register as a MAP Partner and choose...

  1. if you just want to appear on the map and/or
  2. if you want to use the "Reseller" function and thus resell products with the "SANUSPLANET - we ♥ nature" label and/or
  3. if you want to utilize the "SANUSPAY" function and offer your customers the alternative payment method with the"SANUSCOIN" utility and payment token and/or
  4. if you prefer to use all three options (a + b + c).

The price of membership will always remain the same, regardless of whether you choose only one option or all four of them.