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MAP Partner with the „Reseller“ function

As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to register as a MAP Partner and to buy products with the SANUSPLANET label at bulk purchase price at SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL. There are minimum order quantities set for these products. These are deliberately kept small, so that small and medium-sized companies can also participate and benefit from retail sales. For example, the minimum order quantity for the MY WATER BOTTLE glass bottle is only 25 pieces.

A small table banner is included!

Together with the first order a small table banner will be included. Ideal for being displayed to point out that by buying the MY WATER BOTTLE, customers are contributing to environmental protection. We will go on to show you a few examples of where and how you can offer the bottle for sale.

Hotels and restaurants

In this case there are numerous possibilities to offer the MY WATER BOTTLE which can be displayed immediately at the reception to catch the eye of guests upon their arrival, or in a more classical manner, on the table in the hotel guestrooms or at the snack & tea corner in the wellness area. In the restaurant, the ideal position for the MY WATER BOTTLE can be on a display table or directly at the cash desk. If you have already adopted environmentally friendly measures in your establishment (e.g. economical water consumption, repeated use of bath towels, etc.), the MY WATER BOTTLE will fit perfectly into the overall concept!

Fitness centers

Whether with cardio or strength training, anyone who exercises sweats more – and drinks more. So frequently reaching for the water bottle is the logical result. Then why not reach for the MY WATER BOTTLE? By the way: did you know that water from a glass bottle usually tastes fresher and clearer? That's because plastic bottles are not 100% hermetic and can absorb odors from the environment.

Hairdressers and waiting rooms

People usually spend a lot of time in hairdressing salons. They wait their turn. They wait while they get their hair done. They wait under the dryer. In any case, when they go to the hairdresser’s, they have time to chat, or read, or to just look around. The table banner together with a few MY WATER BOTTLEs should definitely attract attention. By the way, this does not apply just to hairdressing salons, but to all facilities with waiting rooms.

Classic shops

The MY WATER BOTTLE can be offered completely independently of your own products or services, in any shop or business - in all sectors. Whether in a supermarket, travel agency, bakery, bank, fine fashion boutique, jewelry store, coffee shop, etc. – the MY WATER BOTTLE, so neutral, fits in perfectly everywhere. And makes a good impression everywhere. By supplying this bottle, you present yourself as an active environmentalist and not only do enhance your image, but at the same time you instill in every customer the satisfying feeling of doing something good for the environment with the purchase of this bottle.